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Welcome to Synergy Mortgage

Are you looking for expert advice, competitive rates, real estimate of costs, a timely approval, and personal attention during your purchase or refinance for a property in New York? Synergy Mortgage offers exactly that.
Our mission is to provide our clients sound advice together with true value. We also put a lot of emphasis on keeping our clients informed throughout the process, connecting you to a team of people to handle your file (you won't be bounced all over, repeating the same things again and again). It's actually going to be an enjoyable experience - as much as it can be, and it can!

Registered Mortgage Broker, New York State Department of Financial Services. All loans arranged through third-party providers.

Secure Transmission Policy

This policy addresses our Company's standards for secure transmission of non-public information (sometimes called "NPI").

Identity theft is a major concern and we must do all we can to prevent it. Thus it shall be our policy to encourage the use of passwords known only to ourselves and the recipient — or the use of secure third party drop box — when transmitting non-public information both internally and externally.

We recognize that for various reasons, not all clients will cooperate with this practice. If a client insists we transmit their non-public information in a less secure manner, we will require them to provide us with specific authorization to do so via email. We will print and retain a copy of the client's email in the file.

Our Privacy Policy Officer can address any questions or concerns a client may have regarding why protection of electronic information is important.


Synergy Mortgage, Inc.,
41 South Street, Suite A, Warwick, NY 10990

Registered Mortgage Broker, New York State Department of Financial Services, All loans arranged with third-party providers
NMLS#: 32146
Phone: (845) 987-1969
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It is the policy of our company to respond to customer complaints, disputes and issues immediately, to take each complaint seriously, to investigate each complaint however small it is — immediately and to take remedial actions swiftly.

As soon as a complaint is received, it is documented and is logged into a special log. The complaint is sent directly to the Customer Complaint Officer or his designate, in order to take action.

All complaints and records of complaints are kept in a special complaints binder along with all the Customer Complaint Officer's Quality Control Files and other written policies so employees can easily access them and use them to provide better customer service. Reports on complaints are reviewed during the Customer Complaint Officer's meetings with our Board. We are focused on providing financial products and services to all customers in compliance with all Federal and State regulatory policies including but not limited to consumer protection, fair lending and civil rights laws. For more information, contact us at the number on the Home Page.


Updated: March 2020

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